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“Do it with passion or not at all.” – Rosa Nouchette Carey

Hi, Born in Zagreb, Croatia, I am coming from a family of musicians and the majority of my family members are playing some instruments so that significantly influenced my growing up.

Therefore, I am playing a piano (and keyboards) since my childhood and that has always been my way of relaxation as well as the escape from reality and my passion.

My sound in 5 words: melodic, powerful, emotional, simple and sound rich.

In my musical expression for me is very important melody that should carry the emotion, as well as a selection of sounds to support the emotion. Every song of mine has a message, which is simple, direct or subliminal.

I grew up listening to electronic music so I have big list of artists that have an impact on me, like Jean Michael Jarre, Kraftwerk, Robert Miles, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Ultravox, Trevor Horn, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, DeadMau5, Kirill … but also good old fuga “trancer” Johann Sebastian Bach, minimalists like Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Ludovico Einaudi …

Also, I am award winning composer and producer – Unsigned Only 2017 WINNER (Nashville, USA) with my song “My Everything” and I am a part of Universal Flow band duo (trance and techno).

I also collaborate with many famous producers and artists, just to name a few: Brad Grobler, Xavier Clayton, Trento, Gordan Nia, B-MEN, Jean Clemence, Myra Bro, Brutu Music, oneZero1, Overground Machine, TrippleX …

I am not DJ, I make music, I don’t wanna be a DJ, I perform my music live.

Enjoy life, enjoy music and be passionate!



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Dobie Music

Dobie Music

Dobie Music

Dobie Music

Again – Dobie feat. Xavier Clayton
Light Ahead Dobie Remix
Light Ahead Remix
Awakening Instrumental Cover
Awakening Instrumental
Funkupa Cover
Drowning Cover
Drowning feat Xavier Clayton
Awakening Remix Cover
Awakening Remix
Would you eat Cover
Would You Eat
Awakening Extended Mix ft Brad Grobler
Awakening ft Brad Grobler
Alter Ego
A Fulfilled Soul
See the Stars
L.O.V.E feat Myra Bro
L.O.V.E ft Myra Bro
Without You feat Myra Bro
Without you ft Myra Bro
Without You Instrumental Version
Without you
Twerk Trance Remix
Twerk Remix
I have a dream
I have a dream
Ballade Pour Trance Remix
Ballade Pour Remix
Dublin Rain feat Myra Bro
Dublin Rain ft Myra Bro
The Moment Vocal Mix
The Moment (Vocal Version)
The Moment Techno Remix
The Moment (Techno Remix)
The Moment
You are my life
You are my life (Extended Mix)
You are my life
You are my life
Without you Remix
My Everything Summer Remix 2018
My Everything (Summer Mix)
Ballade Pour
Ballade Pour (Extended Mix)
Ballade Pour
Ballade Pour
Bambola (Extended Mix)
My Everything
My Everything (Extended Mix)
My Everything
My Everything



Dobie’s songs can be found on more than 100  compilations of several label records from the USA and the EU.

Compilation genres: EDM, Trance, Dance, Pop, House, Deep House and Techno.



The quality of production on this track is second to none. Dobie, as always, is a maestro, and I am not quite sure if too many have come close to what he has delivered here.


The tempo variations through the subset of automated FX almost acted as a live performance for the listening audience and conveyed Dobie’s master craftsmanship behind the mixing board in the engineering domain.


Dublin Rain is a totally hypnotic and inspiring audio soundscape that offers a brilliant hit of euphoria whenever you need it. Dobie’s catalogue to date never fails to amaze.